Video: How To Create a Perching Bush with the Advanced Pole System

Is your yard short of small bushes or other places for birds to perch before coming to the feeder? Birds love to perch and check out an area before they go in to feeder.

Available exclusively at Wild Birds Unlimited, our Advanced Pole System (APS) includes a Perching Branch Setup. It allows you to create a place for birds to perch and land in your yard even if you don't have a lot of small bushes. It works best when you set it up as a separate from the feeder in your yard and will help you see 2-4 times more birds with the same amount of bird food.

You set up one of our APS poles. Then, attach the branch holder or holders, and insert branches from trees in the area. And watch as more and more happy birds use their new perching spot to scout your feeders, exchange chirps and enjoy their new feeding spot.

More birds = more joy!