New! Wild Birds Nature Podcasts!

Wild Birds Unlimited has created a new series of podcasts, called Nature Centered, about birds and the natural world around them, and how to enjoy all that right in your back yard. As June is the hot month for beautiful Orioles, our first podcast focuses on these colorful birds.

John Shaust, chief naturalist, and Brian Cunningham, manager of nature and hobby education, both of Wild Birds Unlimited, host the podcast, sharing their knowledge of the many oriole species, how each got its name and behaviors to watch for. They tell you how to attract orioles to your backyard and fun oriole activities you can do with your family. 

As an added feature, they discuss the benefits of creating a Certified Wildlife Habitat in your own backyard. 

To access the podcasts, use your podcast app to search for "Nature Centered" at Wild Birds Unlimited, or visit our podcast page to listen to the Oriole podcats or any of our other presentations, such as:

--Woodpeckers: Nature’s Original Tree Huggers

--Bluebirds: The Charming Deceiver

--Nesting Part 1

And, to become even more expert in attracting orioles, watch John Schaust's video about how to set up feeders that will be the apple--well, in the case, the orange--of an oriole's eye: