December Nature Happenings


Project FeederWatch continues,

Please come into the store for more information. We'll help you get started counting birds with Project FeederWatch!


Dark-Eyed Junco at Feeder

• Watch for an increasing number of juncos on the ground beneath your seed feeders.

• Audubon's yearly Christmas Bird Count is this month. To participate, go to

• Provide a blend with enough white millet to satisfy the increase in ground feeding birds like towhees and juncos.

• Duck and geese numbers peak throughout the state.

• Watch for flocks of Cedar Waxwings.

• Feeder activity increases as weather cools and rains arrive.

• Robins occasionally come in flocks to bird baths.

Surf Scoter adult male

• Flocks of Surf Scoters (large sea ducks that winter here) form behind the surf zone. Keep your scopes handy to look for Black and White-Winged Scoters.

• Rafts of Western Grebes form behind surf zone. You'll need scopes to look for Clark’s Grebes.

• Geminid Meteor Shower is mid-month.