Appeal to Songbirds with a "Birdscaped" Yard

Backyard HabitatWhen it comes to making a home and yard more appealing, homeowners understand the value of landscaping. Making yards more attractive to birds and other wildlife takes a slightly different type of planning that’s called "birdscaping."

People typically make their landscaping choices based on what looks good and is easy to maintain. If you take the next step and consider how those choices affect your feathered friends, you can create a backyard habitat that will support birds.

Birdscaping centers on offering a combination of food, shelter, water and places where birds can raise their young safely.


Attracting a variety of birds takes a variety of foods. The best way to provide that food is through plants that produce nuts, berries, fruits, seeds and nectar. Supplementing the plants you have with bird feeders will bring even more songbirds.


Having a clean source of water also will attract a wide variety of birds. Birds need water as much as food. Their high metabolic rate and active respiratory system drain moisture from their bodies quickly. Birds use water as more than just a thirst quencher. They also use it for bathing and preening their feathers. Clean feathers are important for birds’ health and ability to fly.


Depending on the species, anything from small shrubs to brush piles to mature trees will provide that shelter, so having several types will serve the needs of many birds. Use plants that are native to our local climate and suitable for your yard’s type of soil.

Nesting Sites

The final element that ensures the viability of your yard as an ongoing habitat is places to nest. Just a people seek out the perfect neighborhoods to raise their children, birds do the same. Where natural habitat is destroyed, it’s important that we provide replacements, such as nesting boxes. For birds, such as bluebirds, wrens and barn owls, nesting boxes are critical to their survival.

We'd love to help Birdscape your yard.  Come in and talk to one of our Certified Backyard Bird-Feeding Specialists today!