Our Newest Product: Bird-Friendly Coffee from Birds and Beans

Photo: Shade-grown coffee under the forest canopy


Most coffee is grown in orchards that have been totally cleared of local native trees. But we have found a coffee company, Birds and Beans, that preserves that natural habitat, growing the coffee under a leafy canopy.

The result: Some of the best coffee you have ever tasted. It's rich in flavor, but never acidic. It has hint of chocolate or spice, but is never harsh. In short, it's great and soon may become your favorite coffee.

Birds and Beans is certified by Smithsonian Institution researchers as officially "bird-friendly," an important distinction from other coffee producers. The company not only preserves local habitat, but its products are also fair trade and produce jobs for local people.

We offer all of their bird-named flavors

     American Redstart -- light roast

     Chestnut-Sided Warbler -- medium-dark roast

     Kingbird -- espresso roast

     Scarlet Tanager -- dark roast 

     Wood Thrush -- medium roast

By themselves or paired with one of our beautiful bird mugs, they make a terrific present for any coffee lover

See you in the store!

For more information visit the Birds and Beans Coffee web site