Bird-Feeding Basics Class July 25 at 2 p.m. via Zoom

Do you know how to set up a bird-friendly space? Maybe not, because it does take some know-how. That expertise is exactly what we are going to share with you, as our bird-feeding basics classes resume online.

This 45-minute Zoom class features our bird-feeding expert Andrew Walker, many colorful slides and the opportunity to ask any question you have. We'll cover all the tools and techniques that will make your feeding efforts a big hit with your local birds; including feeders, food, shelter, nesting and much more. After all, you didn't set up that feeder and fill it with seed just to admire the hardware. You want to see birds!

If you would like to attend, call the store at 424-272-9000 to reserve your place.

Left: Goldfinches flock to a feeder full of nyger

Here are some of the topics we'll cover

--Food: The right foods will bring in birds you want to see. Finches (above) love tiny nyjer seeds, bluebirds and woodpeckers love mealworms, and almost everyone loves sunflower seeds.

--Water: A birdbath, a little fountain or any kind of water feature will attract birds. They need to drink and bathe daily.

--Shelter: A small bush or a tree or even a patio overhang provides shelter and a place to scope out the feeder.

--Feeders: Whether it's a bright red nectar feeder for hummingbirds or a tube of selected seeds, we know which feeders will work for you.

--Critter Control: Squirrels, raccoons or even crows can raid your feeders. We know how to control even the peskiest.